Prof. Satish R. Kerkal

Principal,Government Polytechnic Awasari(Kh)

Government Polytechnic Awasari(kh) is a premier institute of Government of Maharashtra. This institute is committed to be vibrant, keeping pace with technological development and expecting to achieve excellence in imparting Technical Education to budding engineers who will be pillars of our nation.

We are in pursuit of global standards of excellence in all our endeavors and we aim at creating all round personality of our students professionally and socially. To align with innovative teaching practices, we have excellent, highly qualified faculties, State of art of infrastructural facilities and laboratories. Further, the college undertook series of reforming exercises through Canadian-Indian Institute Linkage Programmes, continues education programs, seminars/workshops, Testing and Consultancy to utilize expertise of our faculties.

This college is socially connected to masses by undertaking Community Polytechnic Programmes and helpful to raise their livelihood.