Government Polytechnic, Awasari (Kh.)
शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन, अवसरी (खु.)
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Department of Science & Humanities

Science and humanities department is allied Department established in 2008 .
The department provides Facilities to perform Fundamental experiments in Basic Sciences .
The goal of the department is to build professional strengths of students by implanting knowledge of basic sciences and soft skills in students.

Smt. Mandke S N
Co-ordinator, Department of Science & Humanities
Vision & Mission

Be the best department in the state to develop scientific applications and to achieve excellence in technical education.

M1.  To lay the base of engineering education by building the professional strengths of students in basic sciences and soft skills.
M2. To implant moral values and promote social responsibilities through learning process in basic sciences.
M3. To develop technical and communicative skills to make the students industry ready.
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